New Patron June Downer with President Sylvia Staff

Today, our new Patron, June Downer, was introduced to members by Vice President Betty Linabury.  June started playing golf in 1965 in Sydney, and joined OSCC when she moved here in 1983. She was on committee in the early 80s, has won several honour board events, and has volunteered over the years with working bees, and the Halfway House. For several years she helped with the 9 hole beginners group and can still be seen around the club delivering balls found in her back yard to those in need.

SponsorsRobina Financial Solutions
Raffle winners – Marylou Pratt & Chris Killion
Thank you to Merv Brady for  doing the BBQ – excellent, as always.

A suggestion box in the locker room. Please use it for any ideas or comments you would like to share with the committee. And don’t forget to identify yourself and sign your remarks please.
INDEX changes, based on computer data, will take effect by the end of the month. The list is here, and on the noticeboard. Please check your cards carefully to make sure you take your strokes in the correct place.
NTP Disks – new plastic disks, which won’t damage the mowers, have been purchased for use on Tuesdays only.  How to use them –
—- Place the disk so that its front is level with the front of the ball, and write player’s name on the card.
—- Put the disk back in the NTP holder when the ball is close enough to measure with the flag stick, and write both distance and player’s name on the card.
—- Bring the disk back to the Pro Shop with the NTP holder if you’re the last group.

Bev briefly discussed 2 interesting rules.
1. What can you do if you have an air swing (or something close to it) on the tee?  Rule 6.2b (6) explains the options for your 2nd shot.
2. We all know the rule if you hit a wrong ball – Rule 6.3c – but what if you have played with your opponent’s ball for the entire hole? An interpretation (formerly known as Q & A) of Rule 6.3a provides the answer.
Have you downloaded the official Rules App? It’s available for both Apple and Android, and well worth having on your phone.

Matchplay Championships – nominate now for the event starting Thursday 5th March. The sheet is on the noticeboard.

Chris’s clinics start again on Wed 5th Feb – 8.30am to 10am, maximum of 10 players – at $20, that’s good value.  This session will cover swing technique and the sheet for names is on the noticeboard.

Opening Day 28th January 

The draw is here, will be on the noticeboard first thing tomorrow morning, and will be entered in the computer ASAP. Starting tees will be available on the day, and there  will be a BBQ for lunch. The computer will be locked, so late entries to Sue please, NOT the Pro Shop.

Please note – play will be off the WHITE MARKERS.
The red markers will NOT be in play, and will remain in their normal position.

Events starting soon
Opening Day – 28th Jan. Please make sure your name is on the nomination sheet before the draw is done next Tuesday 21st Jan,
BEGS and Golf NSW Medal – thank you to those who have already nominated and paid. The more who pay early, the less crowded on the starting day.
Interclub team event at Casino, Friday 17th April, and Pennant starting Monday 27th April – if you’d like to be considered for these events, please put your name on the sheet on the noticeboard. The committee will choose the teams.
Matchplay Championship starting Thursday 5th March. A new condition of play for this event – “Rounds to be played on Thursdays during competition time, at the beginning of the field. Match Committee may grant special permission for a match to be played within the week prior to stipulated date, as long as both parties agree

Other new season things
Divisions for 2020 will be – Div 1 0-21, Div 2 22-30, Div 3 31-45
Rules sessions at Tuesday presentation – Bev Wingad has kindly agreed to share her knowledge with a short rules discussion each Tuesday – just one rule, and only 5 min each session. There will be a suggestion box available. Obviously, if you have an issue during your game, this still needs to be clarified with the committee before you hand in your cards.

Lady Grady February eventdetails here. Lady Grady is a Gold Coast charity group started by Wayne Grady’s mother. Fun events held on different courses, several times a year. Talk to Val Marsh for more information