From Tuesday’s Presentation
Raffle winners – Sue Cullen & Betty Linabury.
Sponsors – Spinks Electrical.
Vets 50c “chook run” winners from 20th Feb – Di Boyd, Phil Govett, Vicki Loomes, Michele Clark. The next event is Tue 20th March and is open to anyone 50 or older.
Pennant – only a Div 2 team entered this year, too many players absent or injured to field a second team.
Golf NSW Medals and BEGS (eclectic etc) – even though these competitions have started, it’s not too late to join in. Just sign up and pay in the Pro Shop.
Gardening – thanks to all who participated, the area around the 10th has been completed. No more working bees until after Easter.
Gaps in the field
Claudette encouraged players to keep gaps in the field to a minimum. When booking, please consider starting on the 10th tee, and if there are gaps in the field in front of your hit off time, please try to come a little early. Also, on the day, it may help for your group to switch to the other tee – this is quite acceptable,  provided the Pro Shop knows what you’re doing. To help us stay together, Claudette has removed the last starting time from the booking sheet.
Vets News
Liz Parks, our Vets Delegate, spoke at presentation, encouraging players to join Veteran Womens Golf NSW and explaining what you get for your $5 annual membership
Club level –  automatic entry into Mabel Mackenzie Brooch and Veterans Country Championship, with no extra entry fee and no need to travel further.
Regional level – the right to play in Vets tournaments such as Ballina and Coolangatta Tweed
State level – Access to the many  “Week of Golf” (WOG) veterans events held around the state. Each week involves single events for men and women, and some mixed events, so a great thing to do if travelling with your husband or partner. All WOG events are listed here.
Social Events
The lunch at OSCC was well attended and successful.  Did anyone take photos? And would you like to donate them to the club album? Please see Pat if you have any. The next event will, tentatively, be a bowls day sometime in May. Perhaps 5 ends, morning tea, 5 more ends, then lunch. More information later.
Matchplay Championship
Results from the first round are here. These results, plus other ongoing competition results (e.g.Endurance Cup), are also posted on the noticeboard behind the door in the locker room.

Other bits
Lions Club Charity Golf Day at Mullumbimby – Sunday 25th March – details here
Program change – due to wet weather the 2nd round of the Autumn Leaf will be on 27th March. The draw event for that day will be abandoned.
A notice from WGNR titled “What do we do?” Is on the noticeboard. Please read when you have the time.
OSLAC – 17th-18th September – please spread the word amongst friends. The first flyer is on the OSLAC 2018 tab of the blog.


Tuesday Presentation
The weather caused a lot of cancellations, but those who played were rewarded with a little sunshine, and not too much rain.
Congratulations to new member Tania on her first win.
Raffle winners – Sylvia and Janet
Sponsor – Craig Montgomery (Monty’s Metal Roofing)
Matchplay Brooch – Sue Tarrant defeated Beryl, new challenger is Ruth
Matchplay Championship – the draw will be done later this week and names entered into the computer, so please check over the weekend for your tee time.

OSLAC 2018 – 17th & 18th September
The first flyer has been released. Please take one if you’re visiting other clubs, or direct people to the OSLAC 2018 tab on the blog.

There are very few nominations so far. It would be sad if we could not field a team, or could only field one team instead of the usual two. So if you can spare some Mondays in May/June to represent your club, it would be much appreciated. Please put your names down ASAP, or talk to Claudette or Sue.

BEGS (Birdies, gobblers etc)
These have already commenced, but you may join at any time. Just sign up and pay in the Pro Shop, and your scores from that day forward will count for the competition.

Did you know?
Contact details for all our sponsors are available on the OSCC website, at the very bottom of the home page, or click here. 

Open Days
If you’re not able to print the forms from here, they are all on the noticeboard at the club, and you can ask the office to copy them for you.
Yamba Ladies ProAm – 6th March – details here
Tenterfield – 5th-6th April – details here
Coolangatta Tweed – 17th April – details here

Tuesday’s news
Raffle winners – Ros McLean & Sue Cullen
Sponsors – Raine & Horne, Brunswick Heads
Scrubbers ball – a dead heat again this week, so 2 balls awarded – thank you to Peta for her generosity.
Scratchies (or as President Di said – “encourangement thingies”, a new fun thing on Stroke days) – Bev & Betty Crossley (Div 1), Cherie & Del (Div 2), Vicki & Betty Linabury (Div 3)
Matchplay Brooch – Sue Tarrant defeated Beryl, new challenger is Sue Cullen

Is your name down?
Last chance to add your name to the lists on the noticeboard
Matchplay Championship – draw will be done next Tuesday.
Pennant – teams need to be decided before WGNR meeting on 12th March
Social lunch at OSCC on Wed 7th March

New Pro Shop staff
Please say hello to Karl if you see him in the Pro Shop, and make him feel welcome.

After a successful morning last Monday, Di is keen to do it again next week. If you can spare the time – that’s Monday 26th, 9am at HWH, with implements, gloves, water etc.

WGNR Meeting 12th March.
Our reps Sue and Beryl will be attending. Other club members are invited to attend, especially if you’re interested in hearing the guest speaker, or if you think you have something to offer about how to promote women’s golf and encourage younger players. The full agenda is here. Please let secretary Carol know if you would like to go, so she can let WGNR know the number attending.

Open Days
Ballina 2 Day Event – 3-4 May – details here


Conditions of Play
These have been updated for 2018 and are available here.

Vets “Chook Run”
This was previously advertised as being cancelled for 2018, but has been reinstated thanks to Vets Delegate Liz Parks who has volunteered to manage the event. Thank you to Liz for taking this on, and thank you to Carmel who managed it for many years. For those members who wonder why it’s called a chook run – the prizes really were chooks years ago. They were frozen, purchased from the Byron Bay chook farm, and stored in a freezer in the corner of the old SIG room. These days, you get a prize credit instead. The first round will be played this Tuesday (20th) and you don’t have to be a member of the Vets, you just need to be old enough.