Pennant Coaching
All prospective pennant players have been sent an email with details of the practise session this Friday, 8th April

Matchplay Championship
A couple of very close matches last week, leading to the final match this Thursday between Nerida and Jan. The match will be referreed by Kaye and the trophy will be presented next Tuesday after golf.

3 Putt Club
A couple of modifications to the rules – the maximum fee on any one day will be $2, and you may sign up to join the group until the end of April. The first 22 players signed up yesterday and contributed $28!

Yesterday’s sponsor was Ocean Shores Quality Meats. Garry and Felicity are well known for their excellent meat, and 2 years ago they won the National Sausage King competition with their chicken sausages. You can read about their success by clicking here.

Open Days
Club Banora – 19th May, 4BBB stableford
Casino Beek Week – 20th May, 2B aggregate stableford
Hunter River District Open – 20th-21st June, stroke, stableford, foursomes
Click here for details