Pennant Results – Round 2
Division 1 had a good win – 4/1 and are currently in second place, just 1 point behind Byron Bay.
Division 2 lost 2/3, and are currently sharing 3rd place with Byron Bay.
Win or lose, congratulations to all players for your effort and your willingness to represent the club.

Local Rules
There are some changes to the local rules. These will take effect with the start of a new batch of score cards, which will probably be in use from this Saturday. Please take a moment to read the back of the card and note the changes.

Ocean Shores 2 day Event
There was a lot of support for this at the last Annual Meeting, so an event has been programmed. It will replace Open Day and be held on Mon/Tue –  19th/20th September.

Vets 50c Competition
Some members have asked for an explanation of how this competition works.
It is open to any player aged 50+ and is a novelty event which operates like the old fashioned chook run. (Yes, there used to be a freezer in the clubhouse, and the prizes were frozen Byron Bay chooks!) Each time you enter the competition and win nothing, your handicap increases by 2 strokes. When you win, your handicap reverts to normal. Prizes are $5 vouchers, the number awarded is based on the amount of entry fees collected. Thank you to Carmel, who has been looking after this competition for many years.

Open Days
Coffs Harbour Festival of Golf – Oct 22nd-30th – a variety of events for men and women every day – details here.
Palm Meadows – Mercure Ladies Amateur Cup – stableford – Monday 13th June – details here.