Championship Final Round (Tues 13th)
Format – stroke for players in the championship, stableford for everyone else. This is a trial, aimed at attracting more players to the final round and championship celebration. The daily event will be stableford (stroke players scores will be converted).
Computer bookings – players in the championship will be seeded, and entered into the locked section of the booking sheet, after the third round tomorrow. Daily players can book themselves into any of the open time slots.
Celebration – there will be a free sauasage sizzle after golf. Please stay, if you can, to help celebrate with our champions.

Foursomes championship format – this has been circulating for a few weeks, please ask if you haven’t already given your opinion.
End of year bus trip – this survey will be circulated next week, seeking interest and ideas for a golfing day out.

OSLAC Raffle
If you have anything to donate for this, could you please bring it next week, and give it to Ruth or Gayle

Christmas Party
The Continuous Foursomes format is quick (perhaps too quick), and doesn’t offer enough actual golf for many. So this year the competition will be all par 3s. The dress up theme will be available next week.