Xmas Party
It was good to see so many members at the party enjoying themselves. There were so many clever and original costumes – the  winners were the “Dame Ednas”. It’s a pity there was no golf because of the stormy weather. There were some who were pleased they didn’t have to play in their outfits, but also some who were disappointed that they couldn’t show off their dressed up carts. Many people were taking photos on the day – if you want to see the “official” collection in the club photo album, then click here. If you have better, or different, photos that you would like to add, then please send them to Pat.

Annual Meeting next Tuesday
Golf is an 8.30am shotgun start. We are playing the GREEN course – it’s a little shorter, so we should all be finished in time for the meeting at 1pm. Please note, this means your handicap may be different from usual because of the different slope rating of the green course. There will be no presentation because of the meeting. Please just scan your score cards and put them in the slot near the computer.

Score cards during Summer break.
There will be no presentations over the holidays so, after scanning,  please put cards from all competition days in the slot near the computer.

Golf NSW Medal – State Final
Good luck to Sue Tarrant who will be playing in the final at Stonecutters Ridge, in Sydney, next Tuesday. The event was washed out last year, we hope this doesn’t happen again!

Raffles next year
After many, many years, Sandy is retiring from selling raffle tickets. Her efforts over the years are much appreciated. Next year, starting on Opening Day, raffle tickets will be for sale in the Pro Shop – you should buy them before golf, when you pay your competition fee. The price will be $2 for a strip of 10 numbers, the machine on the wall will be used to generate the winning number, and the prize money will be credited to the winner’s account.