New Committee
Thank you to everyone who stayed for the Annual Meeting to see the new Committee installed, and to offer suggestions for next year. It’s great to see so many people taking an interest in the club, and suggestions are always welcome. Carol has replaced Pat as Secretary, with all other positions unchanged.

To Sue, for competing in the State Medal playoff in Sydney, and coming home well placed in the middle of the field. Click here for the full results.
To Liz and Michelle, for coming sooooooo close to winning the NSW Bowl! Such a long time for them to wait for the results, and so tantalisingly close to that trip to the Pro-Am at the Women’s NSW Open. Click here for the full results.

Holiday Golf
During the holidays, please put score cards from all competitions through the slot after scanning. And please be aware that hit off times will change, and on some days we will use only one tee. This is our normal summer procedure, and allows more social players on the course at a time of high demand. And please keep reading the blog over the holidays. There may be a little less news, but by mid January there will be information about Opening Day etc.

Open Days
Lake Macquarie Championships – late January 2017 – Click here for details