Happy New Year! And welcome to a new year of golf.
Here are some New Year Resolutions you may like to consider.
*  If you appreciate the blog, you could consider ‘adopting’ someone who doesn’t use a computer, and commit to keeping them informed. Or perhaps you could help someone who just needs a nudge to get started reading the blog on their phone, or the computers at the club.
* You could decide to leave your comfort zone every now and then (maybe every 3 months?) and play with someone you haven’t played with for ages, or not at all.
* You could perhaps make a conscious effort to announce your score at the completion of each hole. This is something we often forget – it’s a courtesy to fellow players, and can help eliminate confusion and disputes.
* Maybe you could look at ways to improve the speed of play (without spoiling your game) – and consider calling people through if you do get behind?
* And of course you could work to improve your putting, your handicap, go to Chris’s clinics, and a hundred other things. But if you only make one golfing resolution, make sure it’s to enjoy yourself every time you go out to play, no matter how horrible the golf!

Opening Day 31st Jan
As usual, the event is a 4 person ambrose, graded draw, off the white tees, an 8.30 shotgun start, with a sausage sizzle to follow. Please put your name on the draw sheet in the locker room. The draw will be done after golf on Tuesday 24th Jan.

Fee increases
From 1st January, there has been a $1 increase in green fees, making our competition fee $13. Cart hire has also increased slightly. It’s been 3 years since the last price rise.

Contact details
Now is a good time to check that the club has your correct contact details, particularly your phone number which is published in the fixture book. You can check your details when you’re logged in to the club website, and make changes there too. If you have a fixed phone and a mobile, you can choose which one to put in the fixture book by ticking the “primary contact” box.

Open Days
Brisbane Invitational (mixed) – McLeod Golf Club – 21-22 February
NEDGA Open Tournament – Armidale – 18-20 March
FSC&TGA Open Tournament – Bermagui – 29-31 March
Click here for all the details and entry forms.