Sausage or rissole?
Next Tuesday’s BBQ will include sausages and rissoles from our local butcher. There’s a sheet in the locker room for you to tick your preference of either rissole, sausage or both. If you won’t be back to the club before Sunday, then don’t worry, you won’t be denied food, it’s just to get a general idea of what to order.

What’s new or changed in 2017?
Revised Conditions of Play
Very little has actually changed, mainly just changes to layout of the document and clarification of a few details. Click here to read online, or look in the folder in the locker room.
Revised hole indexes
Another year’s data has allowed a further adjustment to the indexes, which will take effect from Opening Day. Click here if you’d like to see the changes, and the computer data used. If you have any questions about this, then  please speak to Val or email the Ladies Committee.
Eclectic changes
Saturday birdies etc was not as popular as expected, so this year it will be eclectic only ($3 entry). There will be a trial of eclectic only ($3 entry) on Thursdays. Tuesday will remain unchanged – $6 for eclectic, birdies, gobblers and sandys, all in 3 divisions
Bev’s Matchplay Brooch
This is excellent matchplay practise for anyone considering playing pennant, and will be re-introduced on Opening Day
Starting on Opening Day, raffle tickets should be purchased in the Pro Shop when you pay your competition fee. The price will be $2 for 10 numbers, using the Club’s raffle machine (similar to Friday nights)

Fee Summary
The beginning of a new year means lots of things to pay for. Here’s a list of things you may need to pay for on Opening Day

Competition fee $13
Raffle $2
Vets renewal $3
Tuesday BEGS $6
Thursday eclectic $3
Saturday eclectic $3
WGNR medal $5

Vets renewal needs to be paid on Opening Day if possible. Eclectics and medals can be paid any time prior to the first round if you prefer (Tue 21 Feb). All money to be paid at the Pro Shop please, and don’t forget to put your name on the appropriate list!

Only 2 buggies per group please
Under normal circumstances, there should be no more than 2 motorised golf buggies in any group of players. Management has asked that all players be reminded of the relevant by-laws. Here they are…….
20.7 Golf cars are restricted to two per time slot, each carrying a maximum of two persons and only their equipment. This restriction may be lifted:
20.7.1 If the golf cars are designed to carry one person only, or if a particular competition requires more than four persons per time slot, or with the express authority of the Board, or with the express authority of the General Manager.