Last Tuesday
Congratulations to the winners Carol and Julie, the matching shirts must have been a good influence! And thank you to the sponsors of the day, John Geddes Pharmacy, Ocean Shores.

Match Play Brooch
This started again last week with Val challenging last year’s winner  Shelley. Val won on the 19th hole, and has been challenged by Sue Cullen.

Name Badges
Have you seen the new name badges the committee are wearing? If you’d like one, they are available for $15. If you pay at the office during February, the order will be placed at the end of the month. They are very handy if you play away a lot, or play pennant. They are magnetic, with no pins to damage your shirt.

3 Putt Club
Starts 21st Feb, stroke and stableford rounds only, 50c for each 3 putt, maximum payment $2 per day. The end of year function will be on Tuesday 19th Dec, after golf. Please see Di Boyd for more information.

Happy Birthday!
Helen has a new “thing” happening this year. Celebrating playing members birthdays who stay for presentation.It is an opportunity to say a “happy birthday’ to your golfing friends when you come in from golf. NO AGES are disclosed. Last Tuesday, all birthdays since the beginning of the year were acknowledged – Happy Birthday to you all!

Nine Hole Competition
This will be reintroduced this year. It will be for new players and for older players who feel that they will not be able to handle 18 holes on any competition day. Four plus players will constitute a “competition”. If you know anyone who would be interested, please contact Betty Linabury.

Par Bisque
This is next Tuesday’s competition, and is a novelty version of a par event. As Val explained to those present last Tuesday, you don’t have to take your handicap strokes on your normal allocated holes, but can take them anywhere you like, to maximise your score. You must record your score, and the handicap strokes taken on a hole, before you tee off the next hole.

Yoga for Golfers
Would you like to become stonger, balanced and more flexible? Val recommends this website with free yoga videos for golfers.

Open Days
Yamba Ladies Pro-Am, 24th Feb, entries close 17th Feb – click here for entry form. Val has been to this in a previous year and she’s happy to give you a “heads up” if you’re interested in going.
Blue Mountains 13-14 March, entries close 27th Feb – click here for entry forms.
Tenterfield 30-31 March, entries close 16 March – click here for entry form
Bonville Tournament 3-5 March, entries filling fast. Some of our ladies are attending, if you’d like to join them, click here for details and entry forms
NEDGA Tournament Armidale, 18-20 March, entries close  9th March. Click here for lots of paperwork
Golf NSW Women’s Senior Championship, Mudgee, 19-22 March, click here for info on GolfNSW website.