Who’s who?
Committee members

President – Helen Perry
Vice President – Betty Linabury
Captain – Val Marsh
Vice-Captain – Sue Tarrant
Secretary – Carol Stewart
Committee – Ruth Sinclair  & Kaye King
Other roles
Golf Management Committee – Vicki Loomes & Del Jansen (elected) and Val Marsh (LG Committee nominee)
WGNR Reps – Sue Tarrant & Betty Linabury
Vets Delegate – Liz Parks
Try before you join promotion – Bev Wingad
Blogger and odd job person – Pat Kranz

What will be on the message board?
A summary of  notices etc from Tuesday golf.
Information about upcoming Open Days.
Program changes, photos,  and any other things the committee needs you to know.

Why a message board?
Reduces clutter in your inbox
Keeps things tidy and easy to find.
Enables searching so you can find an old item

Can I still have email?
Yes you can.
Just “follow” the blog and each post will be automatically sent to your email address

How can I search?
Search by keyword using the search box at the bottom of the screen.

What’s the policy about photos?
Photos posted here may be downloaded by members for their personal use.
Photos may sometimes be shared with local media or offered to OSCC for their Facebook page.
The Committee assumes that if you’re happy to have your photo taken, then you’re happy to have it shared.
If you prefer NOT to have your photos published, that’s ok, just let Pat know your wishes.

Where are the photos, Open Day forms etc?
 They’re on a separate page labelled – useful links. Find the page in the menu at the top, or click here.