Opening Day
Congratulations to the committee for a successful start to the golfing year.
Thank you to everyone who made the day a success, particularly Merv and Les for their cooking skills, our caterers SeaSalt for donating the salads, and Kaye King for the lovely chocolates.
Raffle winners – Lyn Harcourt and Marylou Pratt.

Feedback to the Comittee
Comments, suggestions and constructive criticism is always welcome – by email, ordinary letter, or in person.
If writing, please include your name so that the committee can seek clarification if necessary, and provide a personal response.
If you prefer to speak to someone, then please do so AFTER your game of golf, rather than before, or during the round. The committee works hard, and deserves to enjoy their round of golf.

What’s new? What’s changed?
Raffle – a change in procedure. Please buy your tickets in the Pro Shop as usual. When you come in after golf, please write your name on the tickets and place them in the basket on the table near the card box. The winning tickets will be drawn from the basket instead of using the machine.
Recycled golf clothesthere is a box in the locker room where you may deposit any good, but unwanted, golf clothing – maybe it no longer fits, or you just don’t like it any more.  Anything not snapped up by someone within a week or two will be donated to an op shop.
3 Putt Clubstarts on Tuesday 13th Feb. Cathy Daley will be looking after it this year, so please see her to sign up and pay your money each week.
Social lunches – following the success of the trip to Pottsville Pub, President Di is planning a few more lunches this year. The first will be on Wednesday 7th March, at our own SeaSalt Restaurant. Please see Di for more details and to put your name on the list.
Tuesday scrubbers ball – thanks to the continuing generosity of Peta & Juan Price, there will be no countbacks this year. All players with the lowest score will receive a ball.
Matchplay Brooch – starting again this week. To make it easier to find time to play, and encourage more challengers, matches may now be played on Thursdays, in conjunction with the Thursday competition. Or they can be played at any other time, by mutual agreement.

Club Representative Events
Pennant – starts in May
Casino Team Event – April
Nomination sheets are (or will soon be) on the noticeboard. Please put your names down ASAP, so the committee can select teams. If you’d like more information, please talk to Claudette or Sue.

A gentle reminder.
If someone gives you a ride in their golf cart, it’s a courtesy to thank them by offering to buy them a drink at the Halfway House. It’s just a little thing, but it’s appreciated by buggy owners, and makes them more willing to offer rides in the future.

Next Tuesday 6th Feb.
Greens renovation will be in progress, so we play the back nine twice. After golf, there will be a small plate of sandwiches for each table, with compliments from SeaSalt.


Opening Day next Tuesday 30 January
Captain Claudette says “LETS’S GET EXCITED for the commencement of our 2018 season of golf.” The draw will be put in the computer tomorrow (Thursday). As usual, after golf there will be a BBQ for all players and others who are unable to play but would like to come along to join in on the day. Late entries, please contact Claudette or Sue Tarrant. If you just want to come to BBQ and presentation please contact Di Boyd (for catering purposes).

Fixture Book Changes
Card Game (Stableford) Tuesday 13 Feb  – This will NOT be a draw, please book into the computer as normal. The Card Game will be held in conjunction with the individual stableford event on the day.
Vets (50c) Competition – The Committee has decided not to continue with this event in 2018

GolfNSW Medals and BEGS (Birdies, Eclectic, Gobblers & Sandies)
You may sign up and pay entry fees for these events in the Pro Shop from next Tuesday 30 Jan. BEGS competitions start on Tuesday 20 Feb, Thursday 22 Feb, and Saturday 24 Feb. GolfNSW Medals start on Tuesday 20 Feb. Please consider signing up and paying your fees early, to help reduce congestion and delays on Tuesday 20th.

Single Matchplay Championships
There will be a sheet on the Captains Board from next Tuesday 30 Jan for you to nominate for this event. The draw will be done prior to the 1st Round scheduled on Thursday 8 Mar.

Jan Larracy, December 2015

Memorial Service at OSCC, 11am tomorrow (Monday).

Jan Larracy (Rowley) was a foundation member of Ocean Shores Ladies Golf,  our first President, our Club Champion many times, and our Patron since 2003.

Opening Day – Tuesday 30th Jan – the draw will most likely be done after golf next week (23rd), so please have your names down before then.

Warren Veteran Women Golfers 2 day  event – 9th-10th April – details are here, and on the noticeboard.