Grafton Tournament – last chance to enter
23rd – 26th Maydetails and entry form hereentries close 11th May


This Week’s News
Sponsor – Brian’s Patios – see Fixture Book p88, or his website.
Raffle winners – Marilyn Mandigo & Claudette Martin.
JHM Endurance Cup finalists – Heather Rowland, Sue Tarrant, Kimberley Howard, Sue Cullen. Played on 15th May, no carry over scores, best score on the day wins.
Matchplay Brooch – Julie Baxter defeated Sue Tarrant last week, and has been challenged by Carol Stewart.
Gardening continues – meet on Monday, 8.30am at Pro Shop.
Social Bowls Day – 21 nominees so far, please add your name to the list on the wall if you’d like to join the group. There will be champagne and nibbles, with just a small fee (announced next week) for bowling green fees.
Fixture Book 2018-19 now available in Pro Shop and locker room.

Our team had a good win against Mullumbimby (4 1/2) at Coolangatta last week, and are leading after the first round. Well done! Their next game is on Monday 14th May – they play Byron Bay, at Byron Bay.

Thursday Play.
There are sometimes big gaps in the field and the last players run the risk of being caught by the Vets. If you’re playing late, and are aware of a large gap in front of you, it would be appreciated if you could try to come a little early.

Jessica Cowie visit to OS next Tuesday
Former Club Champion Jess Cowie (nee  Dengate) has given up the professional circuit and is now escorting golf tours. Her latest tour will see her group at Ocean Shores next Tuesday – their itinerary lists a clinic, lunch and then golf, so keep an eye out for them and make them welcome. The tour looks interesting – the full itinerary is here.

Open Days
Ladies Burleigh Cup – 19th June – details here

Nothing is safe near the 10th green – if the crows can’t find sandwiches, they’ll try golf balls!

News from Tuesday
Sponsor – Spinks Electrical
Raffle winners – Julie Baxter & Betty Linabury
Gardening continues – meet on Monday 8.30am at Pro Shop
Social Bowls Day – put your name on the list on the noticeboard. Some of our bowlers will be there, but no coaching, it’s just a fun day.
Casino Team Event – well done to our team, which came 4th. Thank you for taking the time to represent our club. Winners were Maclean, runners up Coolangatta Tweed.
Pennant – first round this coming Monday. Good luck to our team – Sue Tarrant, Sue Cullen, Beryl Jordan, Ruth Sinclair & Betty Linabury.

Judy Mitchell Endurance Cup
The 8 players who continue to the semifinal round are Heather Rowland (105), Kimberley Howard (98), Betty Linabury (94), Sue Tarrant (94), Di Boyd (94), Pam Keenan (94), Sue Cullen (93) & Michele Clark (91). The event has been delayed due to earlier wet weather – the semifinal will be 1st May, then the 4 players with the best aggregate scores will contest the final on 15th May. A reminder – all conditions of play are in a folder in the locker room, and on this blog through the “links” page. Also, running totals for ongoing events such as this are on the noticeboard.

Foursomes Champions Marylou & Kimberley, with sponsor Nerida Carsburg.

Foursomes Championship
Congratulations to our 2018 Foursomes Champions Marylou Pratt & Kimberley Howard, and runners up Gaye O’Donnell & Liz Parks. Nett winners were Janet Hoffman & Lyn Harcourt, runners up Denise Copeland & Denise Barclay.
Sponsors – thank you to Tony Carsburg Motors for their continuing support.
Raffle winners – Nerida Carsburg & Joan Neate

Other announcements
Foursomes Championship 2019 has been programmed as 27 holes
Casino Team Event – Good luck, this Friday, to our representatives Liz, Gaye, Sue, Ruth & Marylou
Bowls Day – 11th May. Put your names down on Di’s list next Tuesday
Anzac Day Events – Legacy Charity Day on Sunday 22nd April. Mexican team stableford on Anzac Day 25th. Both events are medley.
Shootout starts May 22nd – time now to select your partners
Vets vouchers.
20th March – Joan Neate, Lyn McGowran, Sue Cullen.
3rd April – Liz Parks, Rebecca Rogers, Kaye King
First Handicap Break – congratulations  to Tania Cahill who was presented with a small trophy to mark the occasion.
Grant application – Board member James Cotta spoke at presentation about this and encouraged all members to vote – see details below.

This week’s rule
There are 2 stakes in the middle of the 11th fairway, marking recent work. You get free relief from these, but ONLY if they interfere with your stance or your swing. If they’re just quite close and you’re worried your ball might hit them, there’s no relief, you just have to live with that.

OSCC Grant Submission – please vote!
The club has applied for funding to improve the pool and surrounds, through the NSW Govt Stronger Country Communities program. Byron Shire Council will make application for funds, based on the amount of community interest in each nominated project. It’s necessary to register before voting, but worth making the effort – the more votes we get, the greater the chance our submission will be successful. Vote at the “Have your say” part of Byron Shire Council’s website (click here for detailed instructions on how to register and vote)