Photo policy
Photos posted here may be downloaded by members for their personal use. Photos may sometimes be shared with local media or offered to OSCC for their Facebook page.
The Committee assumes that if you’re happy to have your photo taken, then you’re happy to have it shared. If you prefer NOT to have your photos published, that’s ok, just let Pat know your wishes.

PHOTOS – to view, click on the links below
2017 – Special Events
2017 – Pennant
2017 – Bonville trip
2017 – OSLAC general
2017 – OSLAC action sequences
2017 – Views of golf course 24th Sep

2016 – Christmas Party
2016 – Championship
2016 – WGNR Tournament
2016 – Roller Day
2016 – OSLAC groups
2016 – OSLAC other photos

2015 – Christmas Party
2015 – Special Events
1993 – 20th birthday celebrations

Open Days at other clubs
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Club by-laws
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Etiquette for golfers
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